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Always a good cause...

Corspice has teamed up with K9S for Veterans! This amazing organization takes dogs out of shelters, teams them up with a veterans and trains them together. Not only does this help with the bond of the two, but the well being of the veteran. This is an organization that we feel fits our mission at Corspice to give back in a bigger way. We're the crazy family that just adopted a 3rd dog Lulu, so you can see how important this organization is to us. Corspice has raised $2500 for K9S for Veterans in the last 3 months. How you ask? Using the flavor profile of our chicago prime seasoning, we collaborated on a new hot sauce blend, and with every bottle sold, $4 goes to K9S for Veterans.

Look for more deals on Corspice.com for great holiday gifts to support Local and give back.

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